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The Girl’s Guide to Dating Zombies by Lynn Messina is a perfect beach read for girls looking to take a break from the dreary daily grind of the zombie apocalypse. Or any apocalypse, for that matter. Its wry humor and … Continue reading

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I’ll admit I’m probably biased, being a version of editor myself, but let’s be real–every author goes through a stage or a moment or a glimmer of madness wherein she questions the merit of employing an external editor (i.e., an … Continue reading

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It’s happened to me twice now. I’ve gone to a bookstore or some kind person on the Internet has informed me that there is another book with a premise exactly like mine that has ALREADY BEEN PUBLISHED. *Cue wailing, rending … Continue reading

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A Line in the Ice by writing team Jamie Craig is a unique paramilitary fantasy/science-fiction romance that harkens back to golden-age sci-fi motifs used by Andre Norton, Ray Bradbury, and Edgar Rice Burroughs. By that I mean that this novel … Continue reading

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I am over-the-moon ecstatic to present my first ever guest post by a good friend of mine and expert book designer Rachel Tobie. She’s my go-to person whenever I have a question related to book design, from front cover to … Continue reading

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We’re going to take a tiny hiatus from me haranguing you all about hyphens to talk about a few grammar rules you might still be clinging to from high-school days of yore. Rules that are so ingrained in your brain … Continue reading

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I read in Writer’s Digest’s latest issue an interview with Sarah Dessen, YA author of—count ‘em—TEN books now. One of the interview questions that particularly piqued my interest was “why do you write YA?” My family has been asking me … Continue reading

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All this discussion about self-publishing and indie authoring has revved up my curiosity engine. (This is the same engine, incidentally, that convinced me it was a good idea to try drinking unfiltered water in Mexico. Not a good idea. Not … Continue reading

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“Donde esta el baño” is pretty much the extent of my Spanish speaking ability (and yes, I took three years of Español in high school), so of course, I want my nine-month-old to be fluent. That way I can save … Continue reading

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Before I played it, you knew my hand… ~Nicki Minaj “Right Thru Me” Inspiration from music. We all get it, right? At least, all us music lovers do. We say, “Ooo, wouldn’t THAT make a great story? I could see … Continue reading

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