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Kate Beckett of CASTLE has a secret weapon. This weapon gives her the power to neatly collar every culprit within a cool forty-five minutes each week. Thanks to this particular tool, she has the highest arrest rate in the precinct. … Continue reading

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Farsighted by Emlyn Chand is an intriguing blend of YA story elements—part paranormal romance, part mystery, part contemporary hard-luck coming-of-age. I know it’s hard to imagine that a book that includes all that could still be tightly woven and thematically … Continue reading

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We’re going to take a tiny hiatus from me haranguing you all about hyphens to talk about a few grammar rules you might still be clinging to from high-school days of yore. Rules that are so ingrained in your brain … Continue reading

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I read in Writer’s Digest’s latest issue an interview with Sarah Dessen, YA author of—count ‘em—TEN books now. One of the interview questions that particularly piqued my interest was “why do you write YA?” My family has been asking me … Continue reading

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All this discussion about self-publishing and indie authoring has revved up my curiosity engine. (This is the same engine, incidentally, that convinced me it was a good idea to try drinking unfiltered water in Mexico. Not a good idea. Not … Continue reading

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