Trust Me Stories

I’ve written a few extra stories over the course of this project from other characters’ viewpoints. I’ve collected those extra stories–some longer than others–and added them here for easy access to anyone interested in a little bit more of the story. Enjoy!

Joe’s Story

BrowningJoe Dupree was the luckiest man he knew until he met the love of his life. All his luck flew out the window the moment he had something to lose. He reflects on that luck and his series of choices, both the ones he regrets and the ones he doesn’t, as he’s writing the last words he’ll ever say to his daughter. Read more…

This story takes place a few moments before the opening scene of Trust Me, I’m Lying. It is spoiler free, but it does reveal a hint of backstory surrounding Julep’s family.

Dani’s Story

spadeA routine assignment for one of Dani’s clients reveals some unexpected information. Read more…

This story takes place during the course of events in Trust Me, I’m Trouble. It contains some mild spoilers for Trust Me, I’m Lying.


Sam’s Story

Down to the Liar

Sam Seward is a hacker, not a con artist. And after the events that landed him in a military school, he’s more than happy to leave the grifting to the expert he left back in Chicago–at least until he can find a way to return home. But when a classmate begs him to help her retrieve something one of the school teachers stole from her, Sam’s staunch belief in justice won’t let him turn her down. Read more…

This novella takes place during the events of Down to the Liar, the Julep digital novella that comes between Trust Me, I’m Lying and Trust Me, I’m Trouble. It contains major spoilers for Trust Me, I’m Lying and serves as a companion novella to Julep’s story.

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