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As you may or may not know, the second book in the Trust Me series–Trust Me, I’m Trouble–is coming out in ONE MONTH. Craziness! But what’s even crazier, is that Down to the Liar, a Julep-centric digital novella, is out TODAY! Holy hand-grenades, Batman!

And honestly, I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than to give all you faithful Julep readers FREE STUFF. So here goes…

When I initially wrote the Julep novella nearly two years ago, I decided to weave in a separate story from Sam’s perspective that paralleled Julep’s story. The result was a monstrous novella that bordered on novel-length all by itself. My editor wisely advised me to split the two stories, which I did, and so I had this whole extra novella on my hands.

Skip forward with me for a minute to Trust Me, I’m Trouble’s impending release date…

Now, those of you steeped in the book world know that pre-orders of a book are critical to the book’s long-term success. The opening weeks of a book’s release are similar to movie releases in that the more attention it gets right away, the better. It influences things like bookstores’ orders, bestsellers’ lists, and, most importantly, publishers deciding whether or not to continue a series. Most authors would give up body parts for higher pre-order sales. Which translates into those authors offering awesome incentives to readers willing to pre-order the book.

And now for the punchline…

For those of you willing to (or having already) PRE-ORDER(ed) Trust Me, I’m Trouble, I will give you the Sam digital novella FOR FREE. All you need to do is fill in the form below, email me a digital copy of your receipt at trustmeimtroublebook [at] gmail [dot] com, and I’ll email you a copy of Sam’s story. Note that Sam’s story is not currently available anywhere else, so if you love Sam and want to read something from his POV, now’s the time to act! I’ll only be running this incentive until October 13, 2015–the official release date for Trust Me, I’m Trouble.

Just so you know what you’re getting, here are a few stats and a sneak peek into Sam’s solo adventure:

  • Sam’s story consists of six full-length chapters
  • That’s over 13,000 words of Sam POV
  • Which equals roughly 46 pages of social engineering and expert hacking (and maybe just a little bit of pining for Julep on the side)
  • Sam runs his own con, with his own crew, from start to surprising finish
  • Two notable cameos in the novella, one from Julep, and the other from ████ (What? You didn’t think I’d really tell you, did you?)

As promised, here’s the sneak peek of Sam’s story (from chapter 2)…

Olson hands me a printout of a news article from three years ago with the headline Student Accuses Academy Faculty Member of Stealing Math Discovery.

“Look, the kid even tried to fight it, but he was crushed in court. The faculty all backed Roth. I can’t go to them with this. They’ll crucify me.”

I scan the article, but it doesn’t really change anything. Truth or not, I’m not in the game anymore. I try to hand it back, but Olson waves it off.

“Keep it,” she says. “I have it saved on my hard drive.”

“What is going on?” Pollack asks me. “Why is she telling you this?”

I rub my face. “Because I used to help someone help people. But I wasn’t the brains behind that operation. The most I can do is hack into Roth’s computer and give it a virus.”

“Please.” For a military cadet, she has the big-melty-eyed, damsel-in-distress expression down to a science. “I’ve done everything else in my power to get it back myself. I even told my unit commander.”

“He didn’t believe you?” I ask.

“No, he did believe me. He said that it was Roth’s right to take my proof. That students are like apprentices or some crap.”

I feel rage stirring my blood again. “He actually said it was Roth’s right?”

“Yes. I don’t know what else to do, Seward. If you don’t help me get it back, I’m going to have to set fire to Roth’s office.”

“Don’t do that.” I lean forward fast enough that my chair legs plunk loudly on the linoleum flooring. “You’re the first person they’ll suspect.”

“I don’t care at this point. I can’t just let him get away with it.”

I really don’t need this right now. Every delay is that many more days before I can go home.

You can do it, Sam, the Julep in my head whispers.

Even if I could, I don’t want to do it without you.

Maybe that’s why you should. She smiles and I cave.

I take another hard look at the article Olson gave me. There’s a picture of the kid sitting in the courtroom. He looks pensive, far too serious for a high school student. Far too much like me.

“All right, Olson. I’ll help you get it back. But I’m warning you up front, I don’t really know what I’m doing.”

Olson smiles, her expression tight. “You’re the best chance I’ve got. I’ll risk it.”

“Excellent,” Pollack says, clapping his hands together. “What’s happening?”

If you want to read the rest of Sam’s exploits, simply pre-order Trust Me, I’m Trouble at your book purveyor of choice, and then fill in the Google form below!

Here’s a list of a few of the places where you can pre-order TMIT (either ebook or hardcopy are eligible for the freebies!):

And if you’d like to try TMIT before you pre-order it, you can read the first three chapters here.


Some of you like getting mail of the snail variety rather than the digital. So in addition to receiving the exclusive Sam story vial email, if you pre-order TMIT by 11:59 PM PST on Tuesday, September 15, 2015 (EDIT: What the heck, let’s do the swag packs for the whole rest of the promotion. I’m in if you are!), I will also send you the swag pack pictured below! (Swag pack includes personalized postcards, signed bookmarks, and a signed bookplate for your pre-ordered book.)

Swag Pic

One last thing…

Because today is also the release day for the Julep-POV novella, I’m offering a giveaway for one digital copy of Down to the Liar to one lucky winner. And here’s how you enter: for every social media site on which you share the link to this blog post, you’ll receive an extra entry into the DTTL giveaway. So enter your name into the Rafflecopter form (located below the Google form), and then follow the instructions to receive additional entries per social share.

That’s all! But let me also just say a quick thank you to all of you who do pre-order and spread the word. I very much appreciate your faith in me and my books. And I hope you like all the Julep (and Sam) coming your way! Trust me, it’s going to be a wild ride. *evil author grin*

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