In another life, I worked as a bookstore peon. And I’ll say this about that: It was the best job I’ve ever had in my life. (Well, besides being an author.)

I still spend a significant chunk of my time in bookstores, especially the indies. But I’m not picky. Any store that carries even a single book is like a Mecca to me. Whatever I can do to make a bookseller’s day, I am happy to do. Signings? Book club appearances? Workshops? Panel discussions? Virtual chats? Come at me, bro! Let’s do this.

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(Spoiler: I live in Portland, OR.)

More about TMIL
Cliff’s Notes version: Trust Me, I’m Lying is a YA mystery/ suspense published by Delacorte Press about a teenage con artist whose father goes missing, and she has to find him before his mark finds her.

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